Our project is to find an appropriate space to be able to welcome the public and organize open houses around hives and bees.


It all started in 2013 with Neset, a former student at the veterinary school, who set up two beehives in his garden in Brussels.

The reason was that the trees had stopped bearing fruit because of the lack of pollination. At the time, he didn't know much about beekeeping, but he was quickly fascinated and seduced by these elegant and dangerous little beasts. In a short time, this interest led him to learn more about beekeeping and to meet other beekeepers, which allowed him to deepen and enrich his knowledge. After years of experience and trust, he finally created BEES-API BRUSSELS and began installing his hives on the rooftops of Brussels. With its young and committed team, BEES-API BRUSSELS is proud to produce local, natural and high quality honey and thus contribute to the preservation of nature.

made in Belgium

Our commitments

By sponsored hive, we offer our customers a bag of honey plant seeds to promote biodiversity and enrich the variety of plants to contribute to the good development of bees.

Provide local honey and quality products to our customers. Before the sale each crop is analyzed. We harvest our honeys at full maturity. We do not mix or heat our honeys. We also make sure they are stored in the best conditions in order to preserve all its beneficial properties.

Ensure the well-being of bees, respect for the environment and responsible beekeeping.

We educate the public about the importance of bees and the impact these insects have on our diet (providing 85% of pollination).

Thanks to the sponsorship system, we plant 16 trees per year per hive.

Our values

We encourage and defend the principles of urban beekeeping that is responsible and respectful of bees and the environment.

We are raising public awareness of the importance of green spaces in urban areas and the dangerousness of pesticides used.

We will also teach and educate the younger generation in schools to create a more responsible and respectful population.