Privacy policy

Who processes your data?

KAZIDOMI, a Limited Liability Private Company headquartered at 135 Rue Saint-Lambert at 1200 Brussels, registered with the Carrefour Bank of Enterprises under the number 0652941840, processes the data collected about you, and is responsible for processing personal data for any data collection of yours in connection with the services offered by KAZIDOMI.

For what purposes do we collect and process your data?

First, they are used for customer relationship management purposes and to enable us to better interact with our customers, optimize the user experience or respond to our customers' requests and complaints.

Your data can also be used to conduct business exploration transactions, or studies to improve customer knowledge and services that KAZIDOMI can offer its customers. Your data is thus likely to be used, in accordance with the required permissions that you have granted us:

to send you promotional messages or personalized or not advertisements, by mail or electronic, including by mobile notifications, depending on your profile,
to analyze your use of the services (including your online browsing and your reactions to emails), so that we can get to know you better, appreciate the interest of the Services offered and the messages we send to you and offer you offers, content and services adapted to your profile these analyses will be carried out in accordance with the authorizations that you have possibly granted us, especially in case of use of cookies or other tracers.

Technical cookies

These technical cookies are necessary for the use of the site. Without them, you would not be able to access and use certain features of the site. These include cookies that allow you to access your customer space, Kazidomi session cookies that will temporarily back up your session information (visit the website). So you don't need to fill out the form again when you're reloading the page, or when you haven't filled out all the fields correctly at once, cookies allow us to recognize you on our webshop, to know what's in your cart or if you're connected. These cookies also allow us to implement security measures.

  • Google analytics cookies. With Google Analytics we measure how you use Kazidomi and our webshop and how you found us. We use this information to improve our website. Without this cookie, we're missing your data. We can't see how you use our webshop and you have to wait even longer to see improvements. It is removed after a maximum of two years. Google does not share anonymous data with third parties.
  • Hotjar cookies, it allows us to see where you click on the site, and what part of the site you are viewing. Thanks to Hotjar we can better understand how our users use our site and therefore make ergonomic improvements. This cookie is removed after up to 1 year.