About us

The beginning

In 2013, the story began with Neset, a former veterinary student, who decided to install two beehives in his garden in Brussels. This initiative emerged when the trees, lacking pollination, had stopped producing fruit. Although no expert in beekeeping at the time, Neset was quickly captivated and charmed by these delicate yet powerful creatures. His growing interest led him to deepen his knowledge of beekeeping and to forge links with other beekeepers, thus enriching his career.

Having accumulated several years' experience and know-how, Neset gave concrete expression to its commitment by founding BEES-API BRUXELLES. The company now installs its beehives on the rooftops of Brussels, bringing together a young, dedicated team. BEES-API BRUXELLES distinguishes itself by producing local, natural, high-quality honey, thus actively contributing to the preservation of the environment. This project, initially driven by Neset's individual passion, has evolved into a company proud of its positive impact on nature.






  1. Producing local, natural honey: We produce high-quality honey from hives set up in urban areas, offering residents a local, pure and environmentally-friendly product.
  2. Urban pollination: Bees play a crucial role in plant pollination. We promote this pollination in urban areas, contributing to the health of urban ecosystems and the production of fruit, vegetables and flowers.
  3. Education and awareness: We organize educational sessions and public events to raise community awareness of the importance of bees, biodiversity and environmental protection in urban environments.
  4. Use of sustainable practices: We adopt beekeeping practices that respect the environment, such as the use of ecological hives, responsible management of bee colonies and avoiding the use of chemicals potentially harmful to bees and the ecosystem.
  5. Preserving nature: We offer seed packets of melliferous plants to be sown in public gardens or parks to guarantee a food source for other wild insects.
  6. Protecting natural habitats: In addition to urban beekeeping, we are committed to protecting and restoring the natural habitats of bees and other pollinators by placing insect hotels on rooftops and urban gardens.

By combining these commitments, BEES API plays a key role in creating more sustainable, resilient and biodiversity-friendly cities.


As passionate beekeepers, we deeply understand the importance of preserving our environment. Bees play an essential role in ecological balance, and as guardians of these dedicated pollinators, we embrace environmental responsibility.

Each hive we maintain is more than just a collection of honey; it's a thriving ecosystem. We are committed to beekeeping that respects nature, using sustainable methods that preserve the health of bees and their habitat.

By reducing our environmental footprint, promoting biodiversity and educating our community about the importance of bees, we aspire to create a positive impact. Our mission goes beyond harvesting honey to helping preserve the natural beauty of our planet.

Our ideology

In addition to producing high-quality, local, natural honey, we also play an active role in raising public awareness. Our mission goes beyond simply harvesting honey; it extends to educating and raising awareness of the benefits of green spaces in urban areas. We want to demonstrate that these oases of biodiversity, even in the heart of urbanity, are essential to the survival of pollinators, and therefore to our own well-being.

In doing so, we draw attention to the dangers of pesticides used in urban environments. Sensitive to the harmful effects of these chemical substances on bee health and, by extension, on the quality of our environment, we advocate agricultural and horticultural practices that respect life and ecological balance.

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